L'engagement écoresponsable d'Atelier Fauves : du cuir certifié LWG à un cuir italien innovant
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Atelier Fauves' commitment to eco-responsibility: from LWG-certified leather to innovative Italian leather

May 09, 2023

sustainability. We constantly work to improve our production processes and source eco-friendly materials. In this article, we will present our eco-responsible approach, from our REACH and LWG certified leathers to our future innovative Italian leather.

Our French calf leathers come from the Remy Carriat tannery, which is REACH and LWG Bronze certified. The REACH regulation, implemented in 2007, aims to secure the manufacture and use of chemicals in European industry. The LWG certification assesses the environmental, social, and governance performance of tanneries. Remy Carriat has been rewarded for its efforts in wastewater treatment, waste management, and traceability of raw materials.

The Remy Carriat tannery has equipped itself with a complete pre-biological and physico-chemical treatment system to significantly reduce the flows generated by its industrial activity. Moreover, it sources leather from European origins to minimize the carbon footprint of transportation.

As part of our quest for continuous improvement, we plan to introduce an eco-responsible Italian leather in 2023, whose name remains confidential. This full grain calfskin is considered one of the most eco-friendly in the world, as it comes from an LWG Gold certified tannery that has implemented numerous environmental measures. Among them are the use of solvent-free color fixers, solar energy, low water consumption tanning, valorization of leather waste into organic fertilizers, and a 95/100 traceability score.

We want to use this Italian leather to complement the Remy Carriat leather to meet the expectations of all our customers: those looking for a prestigious, noble leather and those who want to preserve our planet.

In addition to our sustainability efforts, Atelier Fauves supports the protection of felines by donating part of its sales to associations dedicated to this cause.