La personnalisation à la feuille d'or : comment Atelier Fauves sublime ses coques iPhone en cuir
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Gold leaf personalisation: how Atelier Fauves makes its leather iPhone cases stand out

Apr 09, 2023

goods. One way we distinguish ourselves is through our gold leaf personalization process. In this article, we will explain how we use this technique to enhance our leather iPhone cases.

Hot stamping is an ancestral technique that allows applying thin sheets of gold foil onto various materials, including leather. At Atelier Fauves, we use this technique to customize our leather iPhone cases with initials or astrological signs.

The gold leaf personalization process is an artform in itself. Here are the key steps to create customized iPhone cases:

  1. Heating up the hot stamping machine
  2. Selecting letters or motifs based on customization
  3. Applying the gold foil at desired location on the leather case
  4. Pressing the heated letters onto the product
  5. Verifying the stamp and applying a lotion to preserve the hot stamping over time

To complete this personalization, we use a specialized hot stamping machine that heats the brass stamps to over 100°C. These engraved stamps are then pressed onto the product to create the stamping.

Customers can choose this personalization option on our website, where it is free of charge and possible to preview the result. However, there are some restrictions regarding customization. Due to the size of the accessories and limited number of stamps, we offer a single font and up to 4 characters per product. The size and font have been carefully designed to be optimal for our leather iPhone cases.

Our customers love this personal touch on their accessories, as evidenced by the many product reviews on our site. The gold foil personalization adds a luxurious, unique dimension to our leather iPhone cases, making Atelier Fauves the reference for high-end customized leather goods.


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