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Feb 18, 2022

The two founders, Loys and Léo, met on the first day of their business studies. After being roommates and taking some trips together, they decided to take the entrepreneurial leap during a festive, boozy night. With everyone's phones piled on the same table, the founders noticed the difficulty of locating their own, lost in a heap of similar plastic or silicone cases.

Yet, the phone case deserves more than to be neglected in this way. Smartphones have become central in our lives, omnipresent in our pockets and on cafe terraces.

Our observation was that despite this ubiquity and their increasingly high price, most people use impersonal, bland or overly fanciful, low-quality cases.

Our mission was born.

Atelier FAUVES' mission was clear: to elevate this oft-neglected everyday accessory by transforming it into a timeless, high-end fashion accessory that is as unique as you are.

We began by rethinking the phone case in its entirety, consulting several leather and leather goods specialists. In parallel, we studied all the problems you usually encounter to correct them and started making sketches. For nearly nine months, we created and tested dozens of different prototypes and designs. We looked at different leather categories and materials, and met with several tanneries at trade shows to select the best leather for your cases. After all those months of design work, back-and-forth with our suppliers, and quality testing, we are proud to have arrived at the product we offer you today.

The Product Itself

Labeled Made in France, our cases are trendy, timeless, but above all unique. Our 6 different colors and customization tools offer close to 187 million possibilities, ensuring you get a case that reflects you.

We use one of the finest leathers in leather goods, French bull calf from the Rémy Carriat tannery, supplier to the greatest French luxury Houses.

We ensured this leather is as local and eco-responsible as possible: all our leather comes from the food industry, with hides from farms in Switzerland and northern Spain, fully compliant with REACH regulations. In short, these are recycled then valorized hides transformed into leather by our tannery.

Our cases are then assembled by hand one by one, far from large production chains, and designed to accompany you in daily life. We made no compromises on their ergonomics, integrating magnets so they are MagSafe and Qi compatible, and raising their edges to protect your screen and camera.

Finally, we carried on the centuries-old heritage of French trunk-makers by offering to personalize each of our products with your initials, in gold leaf or paint.