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Is the leather used for our products genuine?

All the leather used to make our products is authentic. They are full-grain bull leather tanned in Espelette in the Basque Country or from Italy.

Is the leather used eco-responsible?

Atelier Fauves has chosen to use responsible and exceptional leather for all its products.

i) The hides come from Swiss and Catalan farms before being transformed into leather by the French Remy Carriat tannery or by an Italian Tannery.

ii) All our leather comes from the food industry, which is recovered, recycled and then transformed by our tannery.

iii) All our leather complies with REACH regulations, guaranteeing respect for the environment and your health against the risks associated with chemical substances.

Where are our products made?

All the products are made in France

How long does a product last?

Our products have been designed to last as long as possible. We have carried out extensive tests to ensure that our products are as hard-wearing as they are elegant. However, this lifespan depends above all on how you use the product and how well you look after it.

i) To reduce the wear and tear of your pieces over time, we encourage you to take good care of them, in particular by limiting the amount of rubbing or dropping that can damage the leather.

ii) We stress the importance of looking after leather, which can become dirty or discoloured. Regularly clean your accessories with cotton wool and cleaning products such as cleansing milk or glycerine soap.

iii) Finally, protect your item from humidity and extreme temperatures and avoid aggressive chemical products or prolonged periods of direct exposure to the sun. If your item gets wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth.

What should I do if my product turns dark or discoloured?

Depending on how much you use it, your product may darken or discolour over time. With daily use, your product may come into contact with a variety of surfaces that can cause soiling or discolouration, such as rough or dark-coloured textiles. Leather is a living material that cannot withstand all types of treatment. To ensure that it lasts over time and stays in good condition, we recommend that you clean it regularly with products that are suitable for leather, such as cleansing milk or glycerine soap. If the leather turns black, you need to act quickly to prevent dirt from becoming encrusted.

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3. Enter your personal details

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Placing an order

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We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), PayPal, Alma, Apple Pay, etc. Credit card transactions on our site are completely secure. We have an SSL certificate guaranteeing the encryption of payment pages and the confidentiality of your data. Your bank account will only be debited on the date you place your order.You can pay for an order in several instalments on our site thanks to our partner Alma (France, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Italy).For each order you place, we offer you the option of registering your payment card, which will save you time when you place your next order. Simply enter the cryptogram on the back of your card to validate the payment. This will not be saved in our system and you will be asked to enter it again each time you place a new order.

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Change or cancel my order

Once your order has been confirmed, you have a few minutes to cancel it. Go to "My account/My orders". You will then be able to return your items for reimbursement only after receiving your parcel and within 14 days.

Creating a wishlist

To create your list, go to the page of the product you wish to add and click on the "add to wishlist" button. The items will remain there as long as you do not delete them and as long as they are not out of stock. You can transform your list of favourites into a shopping basket by clicking on "add to basket" when your item is selected.

Place an order

To place an order on our website:

- Select your items and add them to your basket.

- Confirm your basket.

- Select your delivery method.

- Fill in your delivery address.

- Choose your payment method and enter your bank details.We recommend that you create an account so that you can track your order and view your invoices. Once your order has been confirmed, you will automatically be directed to a page confirming that your order has been successfully registered. A few moments later, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order number.

Delivery and order tracking

How do I change my delivery address?

Once an order has been placed, the delivery address cannot normally be changed. However, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible via our contact page to inform us of this change.

How can I track the delivery of my order?

Our orders are handled by our carrier, Colissimo, and an e-mail will be sent to you as soon as your parcel leaves our warehouse. This will give you the tracking number for your parcel so that you can follow its progress on the carrier's website. You can also follow the delivery stages from the "Order tracking" page.

How long does delivery take?

Our delivery times are between two and four working days once your order has been validated, depending on the delivery method. These times can be extended to 15 days for special sales. It should also be noted that personalised orders, particularly those involving painting, will take longer to deliver because of the work involved:- An extra two weeks for painting- Two days for gold leaf stamping.

Returns and refunds

How long will it take to process my return?

Once we have received your return, we undertake to process your request within fourteen working days. This processing time may be extended during special sales periods. A confirmation e-mail will then be sent to you upon validation of your return.

What are my rights and withdrawal periods?

Atelier Fauves offers a 14-day right of return for all its non-personalised products from the date of receipt. Once this period has elapsed, Atelier Fauves will no longer be able to offer refunds or exchanges. Atelier Fauves reserves the right to refuse a refund if the item has been damaged or is not present in its original packaging allowing it to be remarketed. Finally, to make a return, you must present a receipt or proof of purchase.

My parcel is damaged. What should I do?

We're sorry to hear that your order was received in poor condition. Our replacement policy only applies if the item is faulty or damaged. In this case, please contact us via the "Contact us" section, giving your order number and as much information as possible.

Do I have to pay return shipping costs?

Returns are free for all orders placed in Metropolitan France and Monaco. If you change your mind and wish to return a non-personalised item for a refund, please contact us and we will send you a pre-paid shipping label. We will send you a pre-paid shipping label. For orders placed abroad (outside France and Monaco), you are responsible for the return shipping costs. Please return your products to this address:Atelier Fauves SARL3545 route du Conquet,29280Locmaria-PlouzanéFranceAfter validation of the reception of the products, the refund will be made within 30 days (generally the deadlines are shorter). Atelier Fauves reserves the right to refuse a refund if the item has been damaged or is not present in its original packaging allowing it to be re-marketed.It should be noted that it is your responsibility to use a delivery service allowing you to track the shipment or to take out delivery insurance. Without this, Atelier Fauves cannot fully guarantee the correct reception of the returned item.

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